Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A case for code reviews

THIS is a fabulous example why your organization/team should be performing code reviews.

We're not talking about poring over the entire code base once a month (that's just cruel); no, you check the code your teammate or colleague wrote or modified before it even goes into the main branch of the source control repository, just like how open-source projects do it.

Use Review Board: it's free and works with the modern source control systems. If you have one of the source control systems that isn't supported, have one of your teammates come to your desk to give your changes a once-over until you figure out a software solution that allows you to send them the changes so they can review it on their own time while you start working on something else.

Seriously. Stop the bad software madness in its tracks TODAY.


DuckMan said...

We had 2 seperate devs try and install ReviewBoard, and 2 seperate devs fail to get the review tool isntalled. However SmartBear's Code Collaborator (not free) installed very well, and seems to work well enough.

Olivier Dagenais said...

That's too bad, DuckMan; I didn't have to install ReviewBoard myself, so I guess I was spoiled!

There is also Rietveld you could try, but if you're cool with Code Collaborator, then you're ahead of most teams, so keep up the code reviews.