Monday, March 12, 2012

Friends don't let friends use Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Here is a screenshot that I hope will be worth 1000 words.  Click it to download it in its full size (1680x1050).

What you see is Windows 8 Consumer Preview with a modified High Contrast theme and three types of font smoothing (none, grayscale and ClearType), even though the setting is clearly OFF in the displayed "ClearType Text Tuner" and in the option "Smooth edges of screen fonts" has also been turned off in "Performance Options".

If you've been reading this blog, you know that I can't stand any form of on-screen font smoothing and my inability to turn it off, despite even trying the usual registry modifications (see below) means I will not only NOT be using Windows 8, but also I will NOT be developing applications for Windows 8.

These changes are usually sufficient to get Windows to stop smoothing fonts system-wide (except in Internet Explorer 9):

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]

I have other concerns with Windows 8, but this is the most ridiculous one.


Anonymous said...

How to report bugs on Windows 8 Developer Preview through Microsoft Connect website

Unknown said...


Have you found any way to turn off cleartype for hh.exe? It's been driving me crazy for too many months and I only today figured out it was cleartype doing it. Fontsmoothing in cur user is off, cleartype is off in ie settings. dwrite overload (hh2 in diff dir) not working either.
Any suggestions? My eyes will thank you.

Olivier Dagenais said...


The last step is probably the trickiest one; you need to convince Windows that hh2.exe is the HtmlHelp viewer to use. Some programs launch hh.exe directly, but it's possible to fiddle with the "Open With..." such that opening a .chm file will launch hh2.exe.

In the worst case, we may have to write a small wrapper program that "Open With..." will be convinced to use, which launches hh2.exe.

- Oli