Monday, January 08, 2007

Handy equivalents of Outlook Express keyboard shortcuts for Outlook 2007 users

Outlook 2007 is pretty neat but it's also a little awkward if you've been using Outlook Express a lot (or maybe even previous versions of Outlook). Since I'm a keyboard freak, here's my cheat-sheet of stuff that was really hard to find in the documentation (*cough* context sensitive help my ass! *cough*):

ActionOutlook ExpressOutlook 2007
Switch from plain text to HTML (while viewing a message and plain text is the default - which is what everybody should do)Alt+Shift+HCtrl+Shift+W, D
Focus on the folder tree (while in the main interface)TABCtrl+1
Insert default signature (while composing)Alt+I, SAlt+N, G, ENTER
Invoke smart tag (i.e. AutoCorrect Options)'s drop-down menunot applicableAlt+Shift+F10

Update: Until I put all the HTML code on one line, the spacing was way off, sorry. My "Preview" button doesn't really Preview. :p

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